About us


Hi we are Paul and Vicky Alcock. This is a brief story on how we ended up in France running our gite business.

I am an engineer by trade and have had 2 bikes featured in a popular motorbike magazine and love all things mechanical.

Vicky used to work in a music shop then became an optical assistant before starting a thriving celebration cake/cupcake business with her sister.

Back at the end of 2008 l had a heart condition which resulted in me having a pacemaker fitted. At that point both myself and Vicky came to the decision to change our lives but at the time we weren’t really sure what we wanted to do.

In 2010 our friends invited us to their wedding which took place in the town of Chabanais. On arrival we fell in love with the place and what the area had to offer. After lots of discussion, help and advice from our friends, between us all we came up with the idea of building a camping and motorbike touring business.

All we needed to do now was find the right property. Jump ahead 7 years. After looking at A LOT of properties, doing plenty of research, we eventually found what we were looking for. Everything fell into place and led us to where we are now. Although some of our initial plans have changed slightly, we always knew we wanted to be in Chabanais.

We are very lucky to own two beautiful houses at the top of the hill overlooking the town, one of which we have now renovated. The house across the courtyard, after a lot of hard work, has now been transformed into a lovely gite. We hope that everyone that comes to stay loves it as much as we do.